Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Health Benefits of Eating Fruit

As our society gets increasingly embedded with technology, our lives are growing longer, but that is not accompanied by a proportionate increase in the quality of life. Now more than ever before, it is widely acknowledged among health and nutrition professionals that fresh fruit and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet.
With five portions a day of fruit and vegetables being the recommended minimum, there is plenty of room to incorporate fruit into your diet, as a breakfast, snack, dessert, or made into a juice or smoothie to drink. Here we look at some surprising benefits of eating fresh fruit:
Raw Foods Contain More Nutrients
Usually, fruit is eaten raw, in a pretty natural state. This may not be the case in your apple pie, but most of the time you will be eating fruit that hasn’t been cooked. Raw foods are better for you because the enzymes and nutrients in fresh produce are broken down by the cooking process. This means you get more essential vitamins and other nutritional benefits from snacking on fruit in its natural state.

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