Saturday, 26 January 2013

How Nigerian registrar helped uk gang steal N1bn

Two Egyptian footballers are reported to be among 27 people killed in riots in Port Said, the director of hospitals in Egypt’s Mediterranean city has said. Violence erupted in Port Said after a judge sentenced 21 people to death in connection with disturbances last February that killed 74 fans of the Cairo-based Al-Ahly team, Guardian of London reports.
Dr. Abdel-Raham Farah said Mahmoud Abdel-Halim al-Dizawi, who played for Port Said’s Al-Marikh club, was shot three times and died.
He added that Tamer al-Fahla, a former player for the city’s main Al-Masry team, was also shot dead on his way to the Al-Marikh club.
The club is based near a prison that residents tried to storm on Saturday to free defendants in the trial. The military has been deployed to try to restore security.
Rioters also burnt down a building, forcing securitymen guarding it to flee.
Funerals have also been held for some of the dead, with hundreds of protesters in attendance

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