Saturday, 26 January 2013

LIVING happily ever after is more a mastery of certain skills than a mystery. Although married life will always have its difficulties, you will steadily and dramatically improve your relationship by deliberately working on it, according each other some measure of respect and prioritizing the aspects that are significant.
Granted, good communication, friendship, trust, and finances are some of the important aspects of marriage; sex remains even more vital and significant. However, many are yet to understand that its role does not end in fun and reproduction, it further binds and cements marriage relationships.
No matter how well you have succeeded in managing all the other aspects, a rut in the sex department ruins all your effort and spells doom for the marriage. Couples who enjoy fabulous sex lives with their partners live more radiant, happy and balanced lives than others who are having issues with sex.
How do they manage to keep it hot, especially with kids, work, age and all the stressors? Simple! They have known its importance to their happiness and the survival of their marriage, broached the subject and worked out ways to both have their cake and eat it. While some couples are simply existing with no excitement and no fun, sexually satisfied couples are always happy and fulfilled.
Well, you don’t have to scratch your head thinking of what to do. For your sake, we have asked a few of such lucky people for their secrets to a sizzling sex life and here’s what they had to say.
We avoid or reject excuses.
While many are still battling with fake headaches and other excuses to avoid romping, how wonderful it is to know that some couples have made a promise to each other to avoid excuses. “Many of the excuses other couples use to avoid sex––like headaches, stress, tiredness or arguments––are some of the exact same reasons we choose to make sex a priority,” Lou who has been married for 11 years said. “Sex relieves pain, reduces stress, promotes better sleep and motivates us to settle our disagreements quickly. We promised each other not to let anything come between us and our sexual lives.”
We trust each other.
“Great sex is a reflection of the overall rapport and communication you have in other areas of your relationship. To have it, you have to trust your spouse. You have to always try to build each other up outside the bedroom. If you say or do something critical or disrespectful to your partner during the day, why would he/she want to be naked and try something new with you later that evening?” Jenifer who was quick to confirm her adventurous sex life with her husband noted. “For a sizzling and adventurous sex in marriage to exist, it has to be preceded by trust. Trust, comfort and ease with each other happens when you engage in active communication and listening. You have to work on listening to your partner in an active, empathetic way and reciprocate by confiding in him/her, and baring your own feelings,” she said. “Once you two feel like allies—not adversaries—your sex life will feel more honest and, hopefully, a lot hotter! That’s my secret,” she concluded.
We try to satisfy each other
“As an expert in the game, experience has taught me that when you always satisfy your woman sexually, she will keep asking for more,” Dan, happily married for about 15 years explained. “Same goes for her, she tries to make me happy so I’ll give her the best. So for us, it’s give and take. However, even in other areas of life, we try to make each other happy because we have known that it is only a happy person that would want to play. For us, sex is play, not duty and it has been fun all the way.”
We schedule sex.
“It may sound unromantic but yes, we do it and to us, it’s very romantic.” Janet married for 21 years declared. “We have been married for ages and some times, we don’t even need the calendar anymore – we know the days. Rather than killing the mood with a lack of spontaneity, scheduling sex tends to take away all the very real excuses we could otherwise use. Yes, because it is an agreement and you have to include it in your to do list.” she clarified.
“For us, scheduling and planning for sex leads to a higher-quality, more enjoyable sexual experience. We see it as a delicious form of foreplay and we send each other anticipatory text messages, fantasize and get in the mood, knowing that there would be no excuse, and so on. For me, having sex every day triviali

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