Thursday, 24 January 2013

No Revolution Is Going To Take Place In Nigeria– Bishop Matthew Kukah

Contrary to the general perception that a revolution is imminent in Nigeria, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Monsignor Matthew Hassan Kukah, has dismissed such predictions saying the reasons that may lead to it are also the nation’s source of strength.
He made this known in Abuja yesterday while speaking at the 10th Daily Trust Dialogue with the theme “Nation Building: Challenges and Reality” at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel.
Bishop Kukah said: “I have been listening to what people are saying about revolution. But I can tell you very frankly that no revolution is going to take place in this country. The reasons are many and the reasons are very difficult to find. That is why we are where we are today because those reasons are the sources of our strength”.
On the country’s leadership, which according to him has been by accident since Independence, Bishop Kukah said:  “There was a paper I presented I think about six months ago and I identified that from Alhaji Tafawa Balewa right through to President Goodluck Jonathan, that somehow every Nigerian Head of State or president came to power simply or purely by accident. Their good luck may have been our bad luck, but that’s a different matter. But the point needs to be underscored because it is important for our understanding how we might begin to recruit leadership in a way and manner that can guarantee us a future.”
The highly respected clergy man also dismissed the notion which seems to suggest that every president that has ruled Nigeria is a criminal. He said Nigerians should appreciate their leaders as they are not entirely bad because “If you take Obasanjo, if you take Babangida, everybody didn’t do anything. It is not true. What are the things that this person did well, let us at least identify even if it is one.”
He therefore called on Nigerians to appreciate democracy in spite of its imperfections because not every transition from dictatorship leads to democracy.

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