Monday, 21 January 2013

Boko Haram Re-brands as JAMBS, Uses DesertHerald for PR

It has been noticed by the MuslimsAgainstTerror association, that the same dreadful Boko Haram terrorist cult, based in the Kanuri North Eastern section of Nigeria has re-branded and  repackaged itself as JAMBS (JAMA’ATU ANSARUL MUSLIMINA FI  BILADIS-SUDAN). A Northern online publication, DesertHerald has been  single-handly promoting this re-branding of the terrorist sect  responsible for hundreds of deaths in Nigeria.
Our analysts believe that the obvious decline in popularity of Boko  Haram, and their association with various barbaric assaults and deaths  of innocent Nigerians, Muslim, Christian and the like in Nigeria,  attracting harsh rebuke from Muslims and Christians, including scholars, Muslim groups like ourselves, the MuslimsAgainstTerror and the northern citizenry, provoked a re-thinking by the group and  decision to re-brand with the hope of soliciting some public support and hindering the cooperation of Nigeria’s God fearing and peace loving  masses. a Nigerian investigative journal that first broke  the cannibalism of Muslim brothers in Jos by Berom people, earlier  reported an unusual article published by the DesertHerald in which the  online publication was surprisingly justifying a Boko Haram aka JAMBS  attack of the SARS security unit in Abuja. We have included that  publication at the end of this release.
Boko Haram, we know you. You can call yourselves whatever you wish.  You are the same dirty Munafiqis, who the noble prophet of Islam warned  us will rise from within Muslim ranks and will cause harj and harj at  the later days. Allah’s wrath is upon you. As JAMBS or anything else.  Wallahi your days are numbers and also the days of all those who support the insult that you bring to our noble Deen.
Nigeria and global media must stop peddling the harmful agenda of  these desperate cultists. The media must be astute and desist from  aiding them in their wicked and insane plans and manipulations. Not  everything must be published, this is common sense.
Desertherald has remained the only news platform that Boko Haram aka  JAMBS uses to communicate its press releases. The re-branded group’s  first public press release was also exclusively reported by  DesertHerald. It is puzzling how Boko Haram and DesertHerald have  developed this love and symbiotic co-promotional relationship.Boko Haram aka JAMBS 2 days ago, attacked Nigerian troops en-route  Mali as part of an African peace -keeping force. They were successful in killing two soldiers and injuring 5 more. They have since moved to  Kaduna, where the Nigerian troops also went en-route Mali.
Our brothers believe that the re-branding of this terrorist cult  comes amidst a successful security and public campaign against their  nefarious operation,. Which has led to the capture of many of their tactical commanders and their sponsors, senators and other top level shameless people. The public has been fed-up with Boko Haram/JAMBS  who have made life in North Nigeria a living hell.

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